Combining our love of Pickleball and Cruising

Presented exclusively by Annette Barnette Travel

Pickleball is a game that is fun, social and most of all easy to play! It's great for most activity and skill levels which makes it a fun game for anyone who's interested in joining., presented by Annette Barnette Travel, is your go-to resource for pickleball cruise groups and events. We host pickleball cruise events year-round and, also, create private pickleball group trips! Our mission is to make it easy to "Get your dink on" while enjoying a cruise vacation with friends who love to play pickleball too. Grab your friends and sign up for one of our cruises or we can create a private group for you!

If cruising isn't your preferred travel style and you want to travel to play, ask us about non-cruise travel options. is here for all your pickleball travel needs!  

How it works: 

1. Request to join a group or request to create a group for you

2. Secure your group reservation by booking with a deposit

3. Practice playing pickleball until you cruise 

4. We'll help you add dining, beverage, internet or excursion packages to your cruise vacation

5. Make your final payment prior to final payment date

6. Review your before-you-cruise travel documents from

7. Get ready to cruise and get your dink on! 

For more information about, please contact us! We'd love to help you. 

Create Your Own Pickleball Cruise Group

Starting your own Pickleball Cruise Group is easy! Share the idea with your Pickleball playing friends and determine if you would have at least sixteen travelers in a minimum of eight rooms! We can have up to 24 players, but no maximum on guests! Once your group is ready, we'll create your own private Pickleball reservation! We will get you on the right cruise, heading to the right destination(s) for you, and of course, include plenty of time to play Pickleball! 

Click here to get started planning your own Pickleball Cruise! 

Where started...

Learn more about our agency, presented by Annette Barnette Travel, was created because of our love of pickleball! Most who give this fun, easy sport a try love it from the start! Our family and friends who play often wish we had more time to dedicate to playing. That led our leader, Annette, to combine her love of pickleball and cruising by creating! 

It is our mission at to create a great itinerary with plenty of time to play, enjoy your vacation and all its incredible amenities. We coordinate the details to make it happen! Join a group of ours or make a group of your own. We'd love to have you aboard!